Woven ties

We can work with you to create your own bespoke tie.

Available in: Clip on, self tie, eppaulettes, cravattes & scarves

Part of the Pride & Joy range includes woven ties, we work with you to design your own tie, scarf or cravatte.

We start with a base colour which is usually taken from your uniform colour or your livery, then we simply ask for photos of your fleet, letterhead or any personal ideas you may have.

From there you will receive paper based artwork, you can swap and change parts of it,you may love it or you may hate it. From there we simply work with you until you see excatly what you perceive.

When you have finalised the design you will receive a proof swatch of the actual item, this will take about 3 weeks. Subject to your acceptance then we will proceed to bulk and your ties will be delivered 6 weeks later.

You can have the choice of self tie, clip on, scarves or cravattes to make up your minimum order of 50 items. There is a +/- 10% tolerance on the quantity of the bulk delivery, this is due to the manufacturer producing a set amount of your fabric and making as many ties as they can from it, often dictated by the pattern or product - i.e. a clip on tie is less fabric then a self tie.

For the smaller operator we offer a range of stock ties, trendy patterns that are available 12 months of the year in a range of colour options again to match your livery.