Ahead of the rest

The Ahead of the Rest range is endless, please ask for further information if you can not see your exact requirements.

Ahead of the rest

Since the acquisition, the Ahead of the Rest range has been entirely overhauled with thoroughly upgraded colours and higher quality fabrics introduced. On top of this, record keeping has been entirely revolutionised so that every new customer has a file with full details of previous purchases and their specifications, ensuring that repeat orders can be speedily attended to. For all new orders, a test proof is sent that the customer signs off before a full set is made up.

Seersucker headrest covers were once the vogue but the material is no longer available which is no disappointment to Jane, who commented, 'why would you want it when there are 20 different colours of stretched polyester available?'

For the vehicle

Ahead of the Rest and embroidered headrest covers are synonymous, but there is now much more to the offering, both in the range of products and the choice of colours and materials, with the quality of fabrics used greatly enhanced since the acquisition. Thought is also given to the practicalities of operation, which inevitably mean that the odd headrest cover will go missing in service. To overcome this, three free extra covers are supplied with every complete set. Similarly, every pair of curtains is supplied with a tie-back to secure it. Flap-over and velvet headrest covers start at £2.95 each with the full covers more expensive. Newly developed, with the patent for it already applied for, is a design of wrap-around headrest cover and pillow that provides side support for the passenger's neck.

A new idea for the touring market is individual passenger travel packs containing pillows, cushions, fleecy blankets, eye masks, and whatever else the operator chooses to offer. 'It's all about making yourself different,' said Jane. 'That's what it's got to be about these days because everyone's fighting for the same work.'