How we did it: A Brand New Uniform for Edinburgh Bus Tours

Posted on: 20th Jun 2017 by: Pride & Joy Clothing

A bold and colourful new look to match its company re-brand and fleet of new buses.

As we've just completed a re-style project for the staff of top Scottish attraction, Edinburgh Bus Tours, we thought we'd share how we helped the world-famous tour bus design its super new uniform and why we think uniforms are the bees-knees when it comes to getting across how professional your business is.

Style, not one size fits all uniformity, instills confidence.

Comfy, well fitted, workwear that is styled for the job, is what makes an employee feel proud of their role, ill-fitting uniforms on the other hand, have the opposite effect and can make staff feel self-conscious. We've listened to employees who've had to endure gaping buttons, too tight waistbands and restrictive design and fabric, so we put as much care into choosing the right clothing; colour, style, fit and washing care are key considerations when we are sourcing products, and is as important as where we stitch your brand to the garment.

Here are just some of the design and style features that takes into account the practicalities of working on the Edinburgh Tour buses:

Drivers issued with suit trousers with 2" of hidden elastic in the waistband that gives extra stretch comfort.
Important base layer for under shirts to give a smart finish and extra warmth for working outdoors.
Heavy duty trawler-style rubber raincoats, double duty for keeping the rain off, but also bright and visible.
Two kinds of hats for all weathers; a full-brimmed sunhat and baseball cap.
Practical fingerless gloves, ideal for ticket collecting and ticket sales.
A fully unisex wardrobe to ensure all staff were confident with their uniform, we also opened a pop-up shop at head office to give employees the opportunity to try on the clothes before ordering them.

Weaving in brand heritage

A uniform can bring to life your company's heritage and should effectively communicate what you do, even if it's taken out of everyday context.

Having been briefed on its new brand guidelines, we were particularly keen to weave in the Edinburgh Tour's very own tartan, which inspired our warm woollen scarves. We also featured the yellow as an accent, without it being too overpowering, since yellow, as well as colourful and bright, if over used can signify danger- more on the significance of colour coming up in our next blog post.

A Five Star Promise

Edinburgh Tour Buses is a Five Star Attraction and is ranked number two in Scotland's paid for attractions in 2016. It is the staff, their confidence and their dress, as well as the visual aesthetics that are as much a part of this accolade and success as the tour experience.

A person in uniform embodies authority, know-how and also safety; a walking, talking brand promise. With that uniform comes a number of expectations; that you are there to help, you are trained and you are a safe pair of hands. The style of the uniform we helped to create delivers this message, yet it also empowers the individual wearing it to uphold these messages and represent Edinburgh Tour Buses to a very high standard, not just now, but after numerous washes too!

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